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New students 2018

Singing of whole PIS students   Evangelism at outdoor
2018 Graduation (April 13)

Graduation Speech for PIS Nagaland India  April 13, 2018 Hello everyone (pdf)
Timeframe of Lay Pastors Ministry

The clue of this writing came from the book, “God dreams” (by Will Mancini). It says there are four grounds of ministry, then he made time frame of those grounds, so I caught this insight to the Lay Pastors Ministry:…
Institue & School

We, LPM Korea Institute had started in July 1999, because our founding members said this name Institute is very proper for our job, so we thought our organization exists for both: 1) study LPM and 2) help churches. There were…
Essence of Lay Pastors Ministry

What is the essence of this ministry? I think the first one is personal growth and sense of accomplishment. Of course to fulfill of Divine’s call is important too. Let me talk of LPMI USA’s board members. They are still…